Song of the day #7 Gravity

Song of the Day #7 Gravity by Landry Cantrell   Good morning and good day. Today is the day that the Lord has made. This song has been playing in my head as I wake up several time over the past few weeks. Landry Cantrell sings, “Your love is my gravity holding me down,” and “We all need a little gravity.” What a different thought about God’s love. Of course we all need a little of it. Realistically, we all need a lot of it wouldn’t you agree. Listen and let this young man’s voice and words sink in. Best Read More

Song of the Day #5 I Look Up

Song of the Day #5 “I Look Up” by We Are Messengers We all want to feel like we’re on top at some point in our lives, and those around us need to listen and be obedient to us. Whether that is our kids, our employees, our students, etc. This song woke me up playing in my head. Part of it says, “I want that feeling of being on the mountain top, but when I’m looking down, I’m not looking up.” I think leadership should be one hand towards whomever we want to listen to us, to pull them up Read More

Song of the Day 4 God of All My Days

Song of the Day #4 Casting Crowns – God of all my days I woke up with this playing in my head. This is one way that God speaks to me, He wakes me up with a song. That always starts my day off on a good note. I tend to wake up with a smile and no back pain when He wakes me with a song. We as humans turn toward something when things are not good or perfect, things such as self depreciation, meds, alcohol, anger, this list could be exhausting. These are just idols. I have turned Read More

Song of the Day #3 Hello, My Name Is

Song of the Day # Matthew West – Hello my Name is This morning I was asking God to help me find a way to help my friends, and my brothers and sisters who are struggling with something. I believe it all starts with how we identify ourselves. This song reminds me of that. Friends, brothers, sisters, try this for a week, when you greet someone, identify yourself like this, “Hello_______, my name is _______, I am redeemed from (whatever your struggle is), I am also blessed to see you.” Let God work in you and through you. May God Read More

Song of the Day #1 Fear is a Liar

Song of the Day #1

By Zach Williams “Fear is a Liar”

Today God spoke to me and said, “Start something new. People believe 100% of what they tell themselves, let me interrupt their thinking with a song.”

So you don’t have to read much, just listen for a few minute and let these words strengthen you.

May God bless you brothers and sisters.

Luv Ya,


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